At Signature Homes our priority is helping our clients make the best decisions to guarantee they achieve the outcome they desire. With over 100 years’ experience spanning 4 decades, we have helped thousands of sellers. Our Directors have simplified the process down to just 7 SIMPLE STEPS to consider when selling your home


  2. Choose your agent wisely – find your perfect fit. The journey you are about to go on with them is not only a big financial responsibility, it can also be incredibly emotional too. Do you trust them is the question to ask yourself? This question is rarely asked in favour of the pre-conditioned questions related to fees and valuation price.

    Other questions to consider are those specifically important to you, for example:

    • How well do you think they will get on with potential buyers?
    • Do they build relationships or do they sell too hard and put potential buyers off?
    • How confident did they make you feel?
    • Why do they work at their company?
    • Do they reflect your values and beliefs in service?
    • What about their communication, does it meet your expectations?

    Selling a property doesn't need to be a complex and time-consuming process but this feeling or process often occurs if the TRUST isn't there from the start. Ensure they really understand the expectations and your needs. They should work with clarity on your desired outcome and that they can demonstrate their skill at building relationships through testimonials and past clients.

    See what some of our clients have to say about working with us:


  4. If you are looking to stand out in the competitive Cambridgeshire property marketplace then Signature Homes can help elevate your property to another level.

    We understand that selling a property, especially a unique or premium home, can be overwhelming plus exciting. Our tailored property marketing strategies and tools have elevated greater success for clients over recent years and thus helped them to achieve better and more meaningful enquiries. These measures which we can bespoke to your property are recognised by buyers and sellers to be amongst the very best in the industry.

    We offer:

    • Different levels of inspiring, cinematic-production property films, allowing your home to stand out and be distinctive yet more prominent in the higher end property market, viewable by prospective buyers at any time. This difference can really be the difference between someone being attracted to the lifestyle or the logic of what the property offers. People buy with emotion and justify with logic, so getting the emotional connections out there encapsulates the right buyer earlier on in the process.
    • The use of drones to capture a birds-eye view of your house and its footprint allows prospective buyers to capture footage over and above the property to truly represent the location and the nearby views. These are TWO HUGE decision maker needs for buyers when searching for the best property to buy and live in.
    • Different levels of ‘coffee table style’ brochures, exclusively created for your property, using professional photography, including aerial, elevated, twilight and lifestyle shots, which are beautifully printed to the highest of standards
    • A clear digital marketing strategy using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to reach an even wider audience. These platforms enhance videography and you can track the success and reach your property has to a whole new, ‘emotionally’ connected audience.
    • We focus on the buyers ‘WHY’ and what they ‘NEED’ which can occasionally match your original reasons for buying your home, leading to a connection to the home. Understanding the unique elements that make your house a home is vital to a successful marketing campaign and to attract the ‘right’ buyer to pay the ‘best price’

    We believe in homes with stories to tell…to see an example of our ‘Luxury and Lifestyle’ property marketing using full cinematic film click here .


  6. Getting the most of internet portals like Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location for marketing your property relies on three key elements:

    1. The main images
    2. Your pricing strategy
    3. The first 150 words of the property description

    Many people think that by marketing their home higher in order to be knocked down will achieve the best price for their home - wrong.

    In actual fact, it is often better to list where you will find the most amount buyers available for your property looking up to that price range.

    The asking price needs to be RIGHT in order to create the maximum interest and to achieve the highest selling price.

    We always challenge and proactively test the market from the first day, which doesn't mean setting the asking price too high to eventually come down. You may miss buyer opportunities this way, relying purely on ‘getting lucky’. This old-fashioned approach rarely yields success for achieving best values and a great buyer for vendors today.

    The price has to stand out to attract the right excited buyer and challenge other similar properties. The best prices achieved are usually in the first 6 to 8 weeks weeks of marketing in the higher end of the market. The portal price bands are essential to attracting great buyers and the best price, banding on the leading web portals for example below:

    £500,000to£700,000In £50,000 steps
    £700,000to£1,000,000In £100,000 steps
    £1,000,000to£2,000,000In £250,000 steps

    We have a number of pricing suggestions which tailor themselves to the individual property, taking into account the above strategy.

    Property pricing is of paramount important these days, more so than ever in our industry. WHY? Because buyers can easily miss your property, which no seller ever wants! Why try to attract the wrong buyer in the first 6-8 weeks?

    For instance, Guide Price £500,000 - £550,000 is a better way to achieving the £525,000 price

    Guide Price £1,000,000 is a better asking price than £999,950 - because it is clear and you aren't necessarily saying you will come under £1,000,000 which in turn, is an aspiring price to buy in!

    Somewhere between the top and bottom of the price bracket banding could be ‘the sweet spot’ that sells your home. We are seeing somewhere between 80-90% of buyers going over their intended budget so don’t fear listing with a pricing strategy aimed at driving the price of your home up.

    The next time you’re on Rightmove, click on the price range button and have a look at the pricing bands. Different search bands have an effect, so choose the right band and you will attract the most interest and the right buyer.


  8. Understanding clearly the outcome of your sale will help you and your agent to ensure you achieve it. For some it may be selling for the highest amount and they are willing to wait until the market dictates a higher bid, others simply want to make their next move happen as soon as possible so will negotiate on offers and in turn, we will then negotiate on their onward purchase if buying through us so they have a win-win situation and achieve their desired outcome.


  10. Being clear on your outcome means you need to know your financial goals and the fees associated with selling and buying if necessary. We will take you through the numbers from the outset ensuring everything is made clear.

    We are responsible for negotiating the maximum sale value for you. On average the amount we negotiate alone can often exceed the other potential move costs of your home. We are experienced and skilful at negotiating and this really is typified by the fact we believe in what we do and how we do this for you.

    Always use an agent who works for your best interests. Who does not capitulate when you challenge their fees. Who believes in standing their ground. This is a great sign of someone who will work for you and not against you!


  12. We realise the property market is slower than it should be, due to many new processes and laws being introduced yearly. We like to control and focus on the areas where we can help speed matters up by instructing a reputable company/person from the moment you decide to move is key. WHY?

    Completing the seller information forms has to be done at some point, whether you sell now or in the near future. We know that this process being completed can at times save, 4-6 weeks of the needless delays once your property is under offer. It allows your representative to send a draft contract to your buyer’s solicitors within days of your sale being agreed.


  14. Chains and mortgage pains can often lead to stressful clients wondering what is going on once they get over the initial high of selling their home. This moment in the process comes right at the beginning of what can be a ‘stress free’ move as we always endeavour to provide regular clear updates and communication to alleviate the potential challenges.

    We work with our sellers, buyers and associates to help make clearer progress at times when there may not seems as if there is. When it goes quiet after the first 2-3 weeks you can hit the slump of the unknown which we feel is the key areas of when everyone is working behind the scenes.

    Establish with your agent a good contact who can help progress matters with the means of regular and accurate updates. Set if you can, clear time frames to work towards if possible but do not insist, or put pressure on anyone in this area if it cannot be established for any reason. Managing expectations at the start is key to a more stress-free transaction.

    In summary, Signature Homes invest more time into the experience you receive throughout the WHOLE buying experience so you feel that we exceed your expectations through clearer communication along the way. We have local independent business owners who we trust, who we work with to help you feel more confident in the buying process, from:

    • Surveyors
    • Conveyancers
    • Mortgage Advisors
    • Independent Financial Advisors
    • Solicitors
    • Accountants

    For any further advice, get in touch here.