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Each year the design and structure of an ‘expected luxury home’ changes. If you own a luxury home or wish to renovate yours into one, you should know that it is important to keep it’s both interior and exterior up-to-date! After all, luxury homes are a huge investment, and the term ‘luxury’ also means ‘modern’ and ‘up-to-date’, so bear that in mind during this article!

For 2019, Signature Homes have created our very own luxury home checklist, providing the 10 most popular and trendy features in a luxury home that can help get you started as inspiration.

1. Big Windows

The effect largely-sized windows have on a home, both on the outside and inside, is astonishing! From the inside, it welcomes natural light and stunning views, and from the outside it makes the house look sophisticated and modern. Whether you decide to have a few full-size windows or even a transparent sliding door that opens out into the garden, it gives a certain appeal to house browsers and buyers, so you can make your home look more desirable by installing a few of these bad boys (just make sure you also invest in some curtains, too!)

2. Outdoor Lighting

Imagine it - pulling up on your driveway in the dark evening to see your home’s exterior lit up with gorgeous lights. Trust us when we say as soon as you have seen outdoor lighting on a home, you are instantly addicted to the idea of having some of your own. Furthermore, outdoor lighting creates the right mood of your home i.e. luxury, which is what you want, in the evening! So 24/7 and around the clock your home is being presented by the key features of outdoor lighting!

3. Balcony

This is probably the most obvious feature of a luxury home. In fact, any home that has a balcony is considered higher on the luxury-home-ladder than those that aren’t. Balcony’s give you an open and new perspective of the view outside, on a completely higher level (literally…). So that additional feature means your home can give you something that non-luxury homes can’t do, so who’s the winner here?

4. Security

Due to the expense and size of a luxury home, traditionally you are going to have some nice valuables along with it. Whether it’s an expensive car, furniture, art or even a highly-valuable family heirloom that means a lot to you, this can attract the eyes of thieves. Because of this, it is very important you invest in some useful security equipment to ensure the safety of you, your home and valuables. This can be a fenced gate (with a gateway at the entrance), a secure garage to keep your car, CCTV cameras or even bodyguards.

5. Kitchen Islands

It’s a guarantee that every ‘luxury kitchen’ you have viewed has contained an island of some sort - and for good reason too! An island can be very useful features in a kitchen, as not only do they display extra space for you to prepare food and store appliances, it also fills the room of a kitchen. A kitchen without an island looks simple and big, and that doesn’t always attract the eyes positively. For some odd reason, along with the design, colours and appliances contained in a kitchen, the structure is a very important thing to consider when designing your own luxury kitchen, and an island is certainly a necessity for a sophisticated structure.

6. Neat Garden

That’s right - it’s not always about the interior, as would you even class the home as ‘luxury’ if your garden isn’t up to scratch? Abandon the ‘neglected’ look of your garden and spruce it up! All it needs is an evacuation of weeds and dead flowers, as well as a jet-wash of the decking and fences, and a mow of the lawn! That should get the basics done, allowing your garden to look a lot less abandoned than before. To make it look more luxurious, however, we would recommend having a repaint, adding some fertiliser and planting some healthy plants, as well as beginning to get some outdoor furniture out ready for Springtime!

7. Art

Regardless if they are paintings or sculptures, art found in a luxury home really does add up the look completely. It ensures that not only the walls, floor and ceiling looks valuable, but the possessions inside of it, too! Art is ridiculously stunning features to add into your home and they add significant value to the overall property quality, so it’s definitely something to consider. It doesn’t even have to be a case of drained pockets, either - Even if you buy something for less than £10 that looks costly and stylish to your home, well that’s just a bonus!

8. Walk-In Showers

Something we have been completely obsessed with for a while now is the hype of walk-in showers. Now these, look luxurious! This is highly ideal for those who not only are looking to spruce up the luxuriousness of their bathroom but who also prefer a shower over a bath anyway! They look so cool and satisfying to have a shower in, why wouldn’t you want to invest in one? For those bath lovers, we would also recommend a bowl-shaped bath. Having a huge basin as a bath is our ultimate luxury recommendation for those bath-lovers.

9. Fireplace

Fireplaces are a highly asked-for amenity when looking for a home, and it comes as no surprise either! It associates the home with warmth, cosiness and care, and not only makes the room look cosy but can actually make it cosy, too! It’s functional and a beautiful piece of furniture to include in your luxury home.

10. Bar

Something we have seen makes a popular appearance in homes lately are mini-bars - and we aren’t just talking about a table with some top liquors and glasses, we mean a full-on legitimate bar, installed right in the middle of a home! We would recommend this for the outgoing homeowners, probably who regularly have visitors and like to have a good time. It looks amazing and can also bring the atmosphere of a real party by investing in one, if that is what you want, of course!

Here at Signature Homes, we offer a great selection of stunning luxury properties. It can really change your life! Get in contact with us today to start your journey.

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