>The Ins and Outs of Luxury Home Trends 2018

Owning your very own luxury home has it’s perks, but keeping up with the latest trends allows it to be more than just a building with four walls, a ceiling and floor, it keeps you and your visitors happy. The biggest luxury is owning a home that has impressive personality. Not sure what’s in this season’s latest luxury home trends? Or out? Look no further.

In: Wallpaper / Out: Paint

Wallpaper has always been known as quite vintage, but over the past few years, wallpaper designs have made an epic comeback and definitely improved. From matte to bold and colourful styles, these modern designs will give your home some personality, and will not make your home look like your grandparents’ dining room (like the old designs). However, having painted walls isn’t a bad idea, of course, but if damaged, it can show some pretty unattractive chips. The effort and commitment all for some colour probably got too much for some home owners living in luxury and that’s why it’s gone out of fashion.

In: Chandeliers / Out: Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the most common type of lighting in a home - a glow that is subtle enough to light up your room without a harsh glare. This type of lighting is as natural and flat as you can get, and that’s probably why it hasn’t made the cut this year. What has made this season though is chandeliers; they have and will continue to be a popular decoration in luxury homes. By investing in a beautiful chandelier and coordinating them with some lamps you have created yourself some luxury property personality.

In: Bathrooms / Out: Kitchens

It’s not what it looks like - we aren’t suggesting ripping out your kitchen and replacing it with a bathroom. However, bathrooms have recently taken over kitchens on the leaderboard of commitment - kitchens used to be the room where people invested most of their time, money and efforts into, but like I said, bathrooms have taken over. From plain white to spa-inspired, these variety of styles and themes have allowed you to improve the luxuriousness of your home and the standards of your privacy.

The most popular accessories for a luxurious bathroom is plants. Whether they are placed in pots or are dangling from the ceiling, it gives your bathroom more life, depth and adds relaxation (due to the mental health benefits they perceive) and tropicality.

In: Dressing Rooms / Out: Wardrobes

Every luxury lifestyle involves a dressing room somewhere, and they are slowly becoming more popular everyday. As a little girl I’m sure you remember raiding your parents wardrobe for clothes and thinking how big of a variety there was, and that’s where the dream of the dressing room was born. You also see a number of celebrities and highly-influential people owning them in their very own homes, which can influence their following to want to join in on the trend.

Anyway, your luxury home needs style, and a room dedicated to shoes, clothes and general beauty. It adds a touch of privacy to your home and allows not only your home to look its best, but you to feel your best also.

Wardrobes take up so much potential space in your room, where you could have a desk, your own vanity area, or anything that suits your ambitions etc. It gives you that little extra space to decorate your bedroom whilst owning your very own dressing room.

In: Natural Light / Out: Lighting

Everyone loves natural light, especially in the Summer and those evening sunsets. If you are aiming to improve your view of the outdoors, enhancing your windows can make all of the difference. Whether it’s installing newer windows or even a conservatory, natural light is more energy efficient and can save you from turning the light on more often, also saving you money.

Despite the subheading, lighting isn’t really going “out of fashion”, but if the popularity of large windows continues, people will probably lose interest eventually.

In: Smart Homes / Out: Controls

You’ve probably seen, in the recent years, luxury home technology advancing to things like remote control garages, lights and heating systems. However, home technology has developed even more now as we are beginning to see fridges alerting when food is low, or you can control a lot more lighting, including the intensity and even colour. This additional technology will make your home look very modern and luxurious.