We might almost be halfway through 2019 already, but it’s never too late to begin implementing this year’s design trends into your home! Whilst in 2018 we were all fascinated by the dramatically provocative and dreamy colour palettes - with sophisticated reds, metallics and blacks splashed on our walls - 2019 presents a more textural, luxury-lifestyle-based approach with this palette of new and old shades.

If you are looking to give your home a luxury boost, be sure to include these fresh and fancy colours that have been considered this year’s colour trends…

1. Off-Cream

Let’s start off simple…literally. Off-cream has been popular for quite some time now, but luxury homeowners have been particularly satisfied with the colour lately as they add it to their walls. Due to its minimality, this palette helps make the room look clutter-free and comfortable. There are many different shades associated with off-cream, from off-whites and creams to beiges and browns, the minimalist movement is definitely a colour action to consider for your luxury home.

2. Woodland

Whilst nature is a common inspiration for home decoration, there has been a sudden outburst of topic shift - from a jungle-based approach to the woodlands. With wooden beaming, wooden-style wallpaper, greys and fern colours etc. there are plenty of ways you can implement a woodland theme into your home using your walls. By combining these earthy colours with some gorgeous greenery and textured furniture, you can transform part of your luxury home into a forest extravaganza.

In addition to this, a particular new feature that has been introduced in luxury homes lately is a vertical garden. This consists of a wall completely covered in plants, grass and other greenery! This is not only a unique and awesome concept to add to your home’s walls, it genuinely has some environmental benefits to it, such as improving air quality!

3. Pantone’s Colour Of The Year: Coral!

If we are talking about colour trends, it’s only right we include the iconic Pantone’s opinion - Living Coral is a warm and nourishing tone to add to your home. Despite its slight fluorescence, this tone is believed to be exactly what you need on your luxury walls, in order to embed comfort and intimacy. It is suitable with a variety of other colours and textures also, so this implementation shouldn’t cause many limitations when redecorating.

4. Dark Greens

Regarding interior design, green hasn’t always been in the top 10 list. However, a dark green shade has risen to the surface and has become a popular trait in the interior design world. Unlike the other colours, this colour’s darkness works to immediately express an emotion, or even tell a story. Regardless if you include this in your kitchen, living room or dining area, this is a strong and expressive colour - perfect for giving your home a luxury boost and your own personal taste.

5. Greys & Lilacs

They may be two completely different colours, but these classic shades are both modern alternatives to neutrals. Furthermore, if you aren’t interested in the off-cream look that everyone seems to have, choosing a lilac or grey tone works as a refreshing, unique alternative, suitable to match more or less any other colours and textures, too!

6. Blues

Despite the popular use of light blues in home decor, 2019 has suddenly shifted to the dark side. This year we have fallen in love with the deep, saturated vibe the blue tones introduce to the room. Whilst some consider this shade quite moody, combining it with an abundance of natural light creates a sophisticated living area, boosting your luxury effect.

7. Mustard

Last, but certainly not least, why not add some mustard into your luxury home? For those luxury homeowners looking to add a pop of personality, deep mustard is an excellent choice for immediately creating a rich perspective, whilst making the room look extremely funky too! Also, it’s a modern alternative to gold tones, so mustard allows you the extra unique touch.

In addition to this, it’s extremely versatile too! Whether you go white marble or dark oak wood, mustard works with more or less any pattern, colour and texture.

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Thanks for reading.