>Smart Technology

Technology is everywhere and will continue to be, so it’s about time we start getting not only used to it but prepared for the future of electronics in the home. Furthermore, people are getting curious about how these smart-home technologies can make our lives potentially better and easier. After all, the increasing control we are gaining over our furniture and home is incredible, especially when we are using our mobile devices or even our voice to do it.

We need to think - is it changing our homes for the better? And if so, how? This article goes over some smart home devices and how they have, will and can change our lives in the home possibly for the better. 

  1. Voice Activated Devices (Google Home/Amazon Echo)

These electronic devices have been around for a couple of years now, but continue to amaze the general public and be cleared from the shelves in stores. These products allow you to manage your home using your voice, so you can ask questions, to play music, for news/weather reports and even control the heating and lighting in your home. It’s incredibly smart for a tiny size, but they are truly the replacements of mouse and keyboard, potentially forever. So, how do they work? Well, these devices use natural language processing and keywords (SEO) to code what you said and search for the best answer. 

2. Smart Thermostat

Technology has developed so you can now control the heating from your mobile device or even whilst you are away from home. There are many smart thermostats out there but the most popular product was created by the company Tado. Using a developed app and their own thermostats, you can adjust the temperature in each individual room, schedule temperatures, and even add your housemates into a group so the heating can react when everyone leaves and arrives. It’s extraordinarily smart and a great piece of technology to add to your smart home.

3. Wireless Security Cameras

Not only is technology making living easier, but it’s also making it safer - with these wireless security cameras you are able to feel a lot safer and secured in your home. In comparison to wired cameras, wireless is easier to install (doesn’t require a professional) and are a lot less expensive. With wired needing an electrical source, wireless only needs a wi-fi connection or some sort of internet source connected, so positions of these cameras are more flexible. As a result of this, these cameras are more ideal for renters, new to home security and those on a budget.

4. Smart Kitchens

Anyone considering installing a kitchen should consider researching the potential of smart kitchens beforehand because the potential is limitless. For instance, technology has been developed to give us wireless kitchens, which are highly intelligent and much safer than wired. By ‘wireless’, we mean units with built-in wireless power for both mobile devices and kitchen appliances. Cool, right? Well, it doesn’t stop there - you are now able to control kitchens on your phone i.e. set timers on your ovens, control lighting and there are even touchscreen fridges now. 

5. Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

It’s very important you choose an efficient vacuum cleaner otherwise your home will not be clean! These cordless types have been around for quite some time now, but since Dyson has brought out their V10, it has changed the game to a whole new level. With 20% more power than the previous V8, this product has completely wiped the floor with sales that Dyson themselves have stopped producing corded vacuums. Not only are cordless cleaners a lot more powerful, but they are also a lot safer and easier too - no more tripping over or cutting wires, or even getting tangled up! Then after you are done it can be easily placed in a safe and convenient area in your home.

Thank you for reading.