>Save Yourself £100k...

My mobile rings. Up flashes my sisters number.

"I found the most AMAZING house!!!!" she screams down the line! "Just need to get ours sold now...and quickly...!"

I roll my eyes....if I had pound every time I heard this line...

I tell her to go make a cup of tea, as for the next ten minutes she’s getting an education on how to save herself 100k...

Want to know how?

It's a common scenario - You're not on the market but thinking of moving.
So, what does your agent advise you to do? Do they tell you to put your property on AFTER you’ve found the home you want? More than likely.
But what happens to the value of your property when you do this? Does your agent make you aware of how much you are likely to lose? Do they even know??

At Signature Homes, we educate and help our clients make the best decisions to guarantee they get their dream home. Decisions that ensure they realise the TRUE VALUE of their home.


In my mind, there's no doubt - SELLING FIRST puts you in the strongest position.

  • You won’t be under any pressure.
  • You can hold out to achieve the best possible price for your current home
  • You are in a much stronger position to negotiate a better deal on your dream home when you find it

If, on the other hand, you’ve NOT SOLD but found your dream home BEFORE selling, you could be:

  • Under pressure to accept a lower offer on your current home to make sure the sale goes through
  • At risk of losing the home of your dreams if you don't sell quick enough or for the right amount
  • Having to pay the full asking price on your onward property purchase to secure the home of your dreams

The average saving for our clients on a £900,000 property is around £100,000...

Yes, that's £100,000 in YOUR back pocket!

Please! Thoroughly TEST the market FIRST!

Your agents ONLY MISSION and SOLE PURPOSE should be to get you the BEST price for your home - not just sell overnight to the first offer made.

We SAVE our vendors money - does your agent?