>Pro Tip #06 – The Client Review

Many people believe all an estate agent has to do to sell a property is take some photos, write a bit of blurb and post your property on Rightmove and wait for the phone to ring...

Wrong.  At Signature Homes, this is just the start of our client review strategy, which ensures we get the best outcome for you.

What happens when you first launch?

The first few weeks are often the most exciting, when interest is at its highest. A proactive agent will already be contacting prospective buyers and creating opportunities for viewings before launching onto the portals and creating a marketing plan specifically targeted to the right audience.

If after a few weeks, that initial spike of interest levels out, that’s when we take action with our first client review.

What is a client review?

We will review all aspects of the property together, then adjust our strategy accordingly. It is important our clients understand exactly what has been happening, so we meet their expectations and there is clear communication from the outset.

How often should we be having a review with our estate agent?

Reviews should be done as often as you need.  We tend to review around 4 weeks as this allows enough time to assimilate viewing feedback and monitor the statistics from marketing. Whatever your choice of communication, we will contact you, be it email, text, WhatsApp, phone or good old-fashioned face to face meetings. Whichever methods suits you, this review helps everyone get on the same page.

Ideally, we will meet you:

  • Soon after launch
  • 8 Weeks
  • 16 Weeks

A review will cover...
There are many things that should be covered however these include as a minimum:

  • Review of what has happened so far
  • Feedback from you
  • Feedback on your viewings
  • New strategies to help

What if my home has had lots of viewings?

A review is still worth doing as feedback will need to be discussed.  Maybe you’ve had lots of viewings but been no offers.  We can assess what needs to happen to make sure that the next viewer buys.

Reviews are about improvement, reflection and action, not just ensuring you are informed but also involved.

At Signature Homes, we want the best for our homeowners and we are renown for our integrity, upheld through open and honest conversations, no matter how difficult they are.

Communication is key

If you are on with another agent and haven’t had a review but like this way of collaborating with an agent, pick up the phone and we will review your situation and see how we can help you achieve the outcome you desire.