>2019 Trends

“New Year, New Me!”, right? Kick off your year the right way by having a little redecorating of your home. That way, you will be set and ready for the parties, Summer BBQ’s, relaxing evenings, family dinners etc. surrounded by the interior you want. Lucky for you, we have collected 7 gorgeous trends that we think can really upgrade the luxury of your home.

1. Metals

If positioned well, metal furniture can look incredibly classy. Especially in rooms like Bathrooms and Kitchens, metal features can give off a timeless, classic effect. Metals have recently grown in popularity in the home and we definitely think they will not be disappearing anytime soon. Whether it is chrome, copper or gold etc. this effect can go beautifully as additional features to your themed rooms.

2. Curtains

Obviously, curtains aren’t new to 2019, but fresh, bright and simple curtains can define beautiful luxury in your home. These features are not only functional, but the right ones can look very decorative, especially in full-sized windows. Therefore, in 2019, bin those blinds and heavy, thick curtains and invest in some sophisticated wool and linen for a real luxury look in the home.

3. Carpets

Whether it’s a simple rug or it covers the entire floor, carpets can increase the comfort levels in your home quite dramatically. The softness and relaxation of the material can completely change the mood of a home, and that is why they should make an appearance this year. A perfectly decorative carpet that is suited to the overall theme of the room can be a great, hassle-free element in the home. This year, for extra luxury, include carpets/rugs in places like Living Rooms, Bathrooms and Bedrooms.

4. Floral Design

For decades, floral has been a style spotted on sofas, lampshades, carpets and even art. In 2019, we are expecting a huge, redecorated return of the classic floral design in the home. If chosen and used correctly, floral features can really brighten up the room, set the seasonal atmosphere and add some fun personality. It’s not for everyone, but for those interested, they are always an intelligent choice to involve.

5. Beige

That’s right - that dull, plain colour could change the impression on your home this year, and the luxury levels of it. Believe it or not, Beige has been a colour favourite in interior design for years and a lot of people prefer it over a more striking colour. Either way, including Beige in rooms like your Dining or Living room, can really complete the modern look you are aiming for - as timeless decoration there is limitless amounts of additional items that can match with it such as pillows, lamps, pictures, coffee tables etc.

6. Turquoise

If Plain Jane isn’t your thing, then why not try out something more colourful and brightening - such as Turquoise! This colour is another classic, usually spotted in the Bathroom or Bedroom of the home specifically. The unnatural tone of blue can really bring out a fun, luxurious personality into a room, and this year, we expect it to make a showcase in Kitchens as well now. You would have to position it correctly when designing your interior though, and if you do it successfully, your chosen rooms are guaranteed a more modern look.

7. A Mixture Of Textures

A trend we have recognised lately and absolutely adored is the use of multiple textures visible in one room. It might sound tacky, but if structured well, involving contrasting textures will definitely add luxurious interest to the home. When designing anything, you always need to consider texture and material, so it might be a good idea to involve this strategy within your luxury home! For example, add a metal lamp, glossy pot (with a plant) and leather coaster onto a wooden table. Remember; this technique will only look good to some and will only work with the right material, so if you enjoy a challenge, try this out this year!

Good luck, Happy New Year and thank you for reading.