>Old vs New Luxury Home

There are a lot of questions you need to consider (and answer) when moving into a luxury home. Whilst considering budget, location and other features you acquire in your new home, one question that is always overlooked is whether you should live in an old, traditional luxury home or a newly-built one.

That’s why at Signature Homes, we have collected benefits of living in an old and new luxury home to help you decide which one is best for you. They equally have their own beneficiaries, elements and downsides, so keep this in mind during your decision making…

Newly Built Luxury Homes

1. If the timing is right, you still have time to customise…

If you get the timing right, there is a chance that the builders haven’t yet completed construction of the property yet. If they haven’t, you have the benefit of asking them to include certain features for your own customisation. For example, asking them to paint a wall a specific colour or to place a certain flooring down are available options. This is widely convenient for you and your household because not only does it save time having yourself do it, but it is done by a professional so there’s a much lower chance of mistakes.

2. You don’t have to lift a finger with maintenance…

Moving into a newly built luxury home will save you lots of time and money for a couple of reasons. One, in particular, is due to the fact that the property has just been built, there are no reasons for any fixer-upping or severe maintenance because everything is new and fresh!

3. The modern design elements

Usually, in newly built homes you will have the luxurious concept of a modern property. With open-planned living, floor-to-ceiling fitted windows, pools and jacuzzis, heated floors and even the latest technology systems in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and other living areas, you have purchased the ultimate modern home that can impact your lifestyle dramatically.

4. Brand new systems already fitted…

When you move into an old home, one of the first things you should do is inspect the systems in the house to check that everything is working efficiently. With newly-built homes, there is no need! With brand new plumbing, heating, air con and (sometimes) security systems already fitted before you collect the keys, it’s another reason you don’t have to lift a finger when buying a new luxury home!

Old Luxury Homes

1. New estates mean less settled...

In new estates quietness, safety and trust probably won’t settle for a few years after construction has finished. It’s because it is a new environment, something new to get used to and it will be full of new homeowners. With old luxury homes, however, you are welcomed into a (hopefully) already settled neighbourhood, with a number of families and households who can show you around and even build relationships with.

On the other hand, we are certainly not saying that all new-development neighbourhoods are unsafe and loud environments because they aren’t! Our point is you are more likely to find a quiet, comfortable environment on an older street.

2. Bigger lots (usually)…

Lately, we have noticed that newly built properties have smaller lots than older luxury homes. Therefore, if a big garden is a priority on your list, older luxury homes are probably more for you.

3. Fun project

Old homes are a perfect project for ambitious fixer-uppers. Due to the average size of a luxurious property, chances are it will take some time to upgrade it into a modern luxury home, or however you want to convert it. This also gives you complete control of how your home looks, essentially you are building your own home!

4. Part of a story

In a new home, you have the chance to begin history for this new property, to start a story. But some households would rather continue, or revive a story, and an old luxury home is probably the best investment to achieve that. In addition to this, old luxury homes sometimes have a historical perspective to it, which can be quite satisfying to a homeowner.

Here at Signature Homes, we want to help you find your dream home! We specialise in luxurious, high-end properties and can offer you the best advice to ensure you an easy and happy move. Get in contact with us today to start your journey.

Thanks for reading.