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Investing in a luxury home is a huge life change for you and your family as not only does it change your financial situation, but your presentation also. By “luxury” home, we mostly refer to presentation and price, the modernisation of a home. Furthermore, you can tell from looking at both the interior and exterior (mostly interior) of a property the level of luxury it holds - looking at land square footage, luxurious facilities i.e. swimming pools, pillars, and the condition of furniture in a home.

When buying a luxury home, or any home for that matter, the process can be quite long and stressful, but there a number of considerations that can help minimise the stress, process time and make the experience overall easier. That’s why we have created this short blog to help you think before you do! After all, as dreamy and extravagant as buying your very own luxury home is, there are a lot of implications that come with it, that could essentially affect your decision. Here are a few…

First things first, money… It’s probably the most important and required asset to purchase a home, or anything really. You’ve got to organise an appropriate budget that ables you to afford the home, the extra fees and surviving after you’ve moved in! After all, if we are going to be honest, purchasing a luxury home isn’t exactly going to be as easy as reaching into your jean’s pocket, is it?

Generally, luxury properties are found where other luxury properties are situated, but that is only if that was an original luxury home, rather than a refurbished home. Anyway, luxurious neighbourhoods usually support one another by including extra refinements such as premium appliances, furniture, carpet and flooring within these homes. In comparison to those that aren’t premium, they usually have better quality and will last longer. As a result of this, this will cost money and will add to the final bill.

Also, during your life at the home, you will be accompanied by some newer features, including larger rooms, bigger and more technology, and overall more exquisite interior design. Regarding things such as electricity, heating and water, due to the large house and advanced features, it will probably be slightly higher than your current home. On the other hand, this is incredibly worth it, as you are provided with an excellent and responsive dream home, that can seriously help you in the long run!

Next, let’s think location! Like I mentioned before, houses that were originally designed for luxurious features and families are usually situated in similar neighbourhoods. However, those that have refurbished their regular home, transforming it into a stylish special, have also got a lot to offer but in a more busier and regular neighbourhood.

The overall process of finding a luxury home can be a challenge - and anyone that has moved house before would understand what we mean. When deciding on a location, you have to consider those moving with you; if you have children, do they go to school? Is there public transport available? Is this neighbourhood a safe, children-friendly environment? etc. If you have pets, is there somewhere suitable you can take them for a walk? A local pet store? etc. Also, think about yourself, asking, Is this big enough? Can I park here? Can you get to work or a shop appropriately? etc. There is so much to think about with location, so please consider it.

Our final point would be to find a suitable estate agency to assist on your journey. When it comes to luxury homes, you need an estate agency that has access to the top-quality, dreamy homes available for you, as well as fully understanding your requirements and being patient with your pickiness - it is standard when buying your own huge, beautiful, sophisticated home. Here at Signature Homes, we are a dedicated team of professionals willing to help you through the whole process, providing you with clean and impressive properties and excellent customer service.

We want you to find your dream home as much as you do, let us help! Contact us today.

Thank you for reading.