>Luxury Bedrooms

Your Bedroom should be the most personalised and comforting room in your home. This is because it is usually the room in your home where you sleep and where most of your belongings are. A Bedroom should be your escape room - even the most social, outgoing people need a place to get away from the world to be their complete comfortable selves.

In addition to this, the only way you can feel the most comfortable in your Bedroom is if it is designed the way you want it to. If it isn’t, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to completely redecorate, as in most cases you only need a few decorative investments in order to upgrade the worth of your room.

Here are 5 ways you can make your bedroom look expensive.

1. Big Mirrors

We haven’t exactly got a scientific reason for it, but owning a relatively big mirror in your bedroom can make your room look luxurious and a lot more expensive than it is worth. Especially if this is a girls’ bedroom, mirrors make your room look bigger, as well as it gives the visitor a message that you care about your presentation. In most luxurious homes, mirrors should not face the bed, as it can mentally affect your sub-conscious and makes your room look more respectable. Therefore, make your bedroom look expensive by having a large mirror positioned appropriately and respectfully AWAY from the bed.

2. Layer Those Pillows

This is probably the most impacting method, as in a typical luxury bedroom, you will see layers of pillows sat against the headboard of the bed, and it certainly does look good. This is also a good idea if you are on a budget too, as you can make use of those spare pillows and purchasing a few shouldn’t exactly drain your pockets. Anyway, a luxury-considered bed is always topped with an organised composition of symmetrical, colourful pillows. Not only will this look good, but it will probably make your bed a lot more comfortable, too.

3. Reconsider Light-Shading

Whether it is the shade on your lamp or on your ceiling light, your interior choice can seriously impact the ambience and expense-look of your bedroom. Believe it or not, but the presence and choice of lampshades are actually very important when focusing on interior design - lampshades are considered an after-thought when it comes to the decoration of your bedroom, but they should be one of the biggest priorities. Use them to your advantage and take the opportunity to invest in some relevantly themed lamp shades, suiting your overall colour scheme and having it stand out like art. It will really make your bedroom look as luxurious as you want.

4. Store It Away

Looking at your bedroom now, do you have lots of storage space? Or perhaps you do not have enough? Either way, believe it or not, but a relatively empty room looks expensive, and it is probably because of the organisational perspective it gives off when you walk in the room. Therefore, depending on your storage availability, you should probably consider having a reorganisation of your room. This includes placing everything out of site i.e. in drawers, boxes and wardrobes, leaving out only your vanity, bed and wardrobes in sight.

If you aren’t a fan of the “out of plain sight” method, then having some simple essentials out on display will give off a more luxurious effect. This includes things such as lamps, tissues and greenery etc. Just basically ensure you don’t have anything messy lying about!

5. Natural Lighting

Natural lighting will brighten up every room, expensive or not. This might sound slightly random, and quite irrelevant, but the effect natural light brings in is priceless, and if done correctly, can make your room look worth a lot! The key to success is to follow the tradition hotel method - a thin layer of light curtains for slight coverage combined with a blackout layer for maximum room darkening. This convenient method doesn’t look clumpy and is very useful for those who regularly receive an early-awakening from the morning sun.

If you have big windows, this gives you an even bigger opportunity to expose that natural light. It’s truly complimenting for the room and surprisingly enough, adds some comforting softness to the room.

Thanks for reading.