>Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas time… the lights, the decoration, the joy it spreads, it creates pure luxury and happiness in the home.

Our gift to you this year is this useful blog - here are five things to consider before decorating your perfect luxury Christmas tree this 2018!

1) Real or Fake Tree?

The decision we all have to make every year - having a real tree or an artificial one? There are a number of pros and cons between the two, the rest is just up to your own personal preferences.

With a real tree, it’s a much more traditional choice and they have much lower carbon footprints than artificial ones. In most cases, getting a real tree from professionals will mean a new tree is planted for every one brought, so it is essentially not impacting the environment severely. Furthermore, having a real tree in a big home sets the proper Christmas attitude, they are probably the most suitable if you are looking for a more luxurious Christmas look in your home.

On the other hand, an artificial tree saves the hassle of going out and buying a new one every year, as well as the dust and residue that comes with a real tree. Additionally, fake trees are much more cost efficient than a real one, especially as they are fire retardant and come in all different shapes and colours!

2) The Location of Your Tree

After you have debated which tree to get, decide where you are going to put it? Again, this all depends on personal preference and the condition of your house. A common mistake people make is buying a tree too big for their home, which can be very stressful. Therefore, firstly make sure you have an appropriate height, then decide where to position your tree. If you want to be unique, we wouldn’t suggest putting it into your living room, as that is probably the most common room to have a Christmas tree - so think different!

Also keep in mind, if you have lights on your tree, to position your tree close by to a plug socket!

3) Lights

Every year we see Christmas light displays all over houses, but nothing truly sets the Christmas spirit like the lights on the tree. Christmas tree’s just simply aren’t complete without them! In terms of luxury, it can go either way - keep it simple and show off some gorgeous crystal white lights around the tree, or go all out and include some gold and silver, or maybe even get different shaped lights (stars, candles etc.). It can really contribute nicely to your overall home scheme, so always keep that in mind too!

4) Ribbons

Some Christmas trees look truly exquisite with featured ribbons. It’s not common to see an appearance of ribbons on a tree, but they truly create a cascading effect! This would be a great idea to include in your home especially if you are looking for the luxury effect - this is because they create a traditional and sophisticated finish on the tree, as well as the lights and baubles you choose with it!

5) What’s Going On Underneath?

Sometimes people are put off by the metal, four-legged stand to stick out of the fake tree, as it makes the tree look phoney and tacky. As a result of this, you can invest in an appropriate alternative or a cover, such as a box or a plant pot - this can really make the tree look more sophisticated and neater overall.

Thank you for reading, we hope you have a merry Christmas!