>Hidden Features

This year’s luxury trend is space-saving furniture, or what we like to call, ‘hidden features’. These consist of everyday elements within a home combined with an advanced twist of technology. Here are 5 ideas of space-saving furniture that will help make the most out of luxury living.

1. Hidden Showers

As much as we all love a long, hot shower, some home-owners are now repelling to the idea of the feature out in the open! Over the last few years, the design world has fallen in love with big shower-heads that releases water like a fountain. However, we expect that will all be changing as ‘hidden’ showers are being introduced into luxury homes.

This could consist of two different methods. Method one being having the shower situated in a completely different ‘room’ or between the walls, then covered with a textured door. Regardless if it is frosted glass or an iron door, completely hiding the shower can not only make the bathroom look mysteriously modern, but it will make your showering experiences much cooler (no pun intended). On the other hand, method 2 would be getting rid of the shower-head, dials and drain entirely and have it controlled completely in the walls. This idea is very new and more-or-less consists of a single functioning head that is installed into the ceiling. Then, once the water has been released, rather than it unattractively slipping down the plug-hole, it disappears through the wrap-around holes lining the borders of the shower. It’s modern, intelligent, and makes your shower look immaculate too!

2. Hidden Passageways

Whilst some hidden features are based on functionality and presentation, hidden passageways are on an entire new level of luxury living! This top-quality engineering allows you to create mystery and adrenaline within your home. The best part of the process is it’s completely bespoke, so you can choose how it is hidden. Whether you choose a hidden staircase, a covering bookshelf or even a vault-style door, you can have your very own secret room within the walls of your luxury home!

3. Hidden Swimming Pools

This feature has been around for quite some time, but it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon! Swimming pools take up a lot of room, which can be a big problem when it’s not in use. Conversely, hidden pools allow you to reclaim space when the luxury feature is not in use. Using the power of hydraulics and astroturf, installing your own disappearing swimming pool can make your home look out-of-this-world impressive.

4. Hidden Kitchen Cabinets

No matter what size your kitchen is, investing in some sliding and intelligent cupboard doors could fully transform your cluttered room into a minimalist. These awesome bespoke features help conserve space, hide clutter in your kitchen, allowing you extra room to prepare and cook food, as well as create a socialising space for your guests. These hidden features are smart and introduce a modern concept of technology into your home. It’s perfect for someone who loves an entertaining space.

5. Hidden Garage

We will save the most complicated for last - a home with a hidden garage is ultra rare and seriously luxurious. Owning an intelligent, bespoke garage really takes your home to the next level. Over the years we have seen underground, elevated, and unique garages, all with their own bespoke features. We are excited to see what the future brings for this specific luxury element.

These 5 hidden features are all very different, both decoratively and functionally. However, they all are fit to complete the ultimate luxury home. Here at Signature Homes, we are an estate agent who deals with the high-end property market. To start your luxury home experience, get in contact with us today!

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