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As the years go by, embracing technology and standards of living has increased rapidly, also affecting communication and sharing - thanks to tools like social media, our capabilities have dramatically changed, for the better and worst. In terms of better, we can now view and review cities and accommodation for holidays… and if you are a lover of the luxury kind of person, this list is right for you.

This list we have created is 10 of the most luxurious cities in Europe, in terms of price, accommodation quality and overall standards of living etc. 

  1. Brussels, Belgium

Also known as the capital of Belgium, this stunning, highly-populated city contains a lot of city history, as well as it’s overall immaculate appearance. This city is definitely underrated, and deserves a lot more tourist attention - you can have an educational and eye-catching journey through the cities museums, galleries, monuments and huge buildings. Home to many international organisations, diplomats and civil servants, this city is a global politics centre. Designed and built in the middle ages, it is a perfect walking city with optional tours to take part in. Therefore, if you are thinking about visiting, there are a huge selection of highly-rated hotels and other types of accommodation to stay in, such as The Hilton Brussels Grand Place and The Dominican. We chose this city to join the list not just because of its luxurious features, but because it is ranked 88th, out of the 516 cities in the world, with the highest cost of living.  

2) Budapest, Hungary

Budapest offers you countless amounts of flattering views, as well as a selection of architecture and buildings that look like they belong in fairy-tales. For a luxurious holiday, this city will tick most boxes - from gorgeous strolls to vibrant nightlife, you can visit museums, casinos, fabulous restaurants and then settle into beautiful accommodation to end the perfect day. Specifically, no trip to Budapest is complete with visiting the Chain Bridge, the Castle District of Buda or the Royal Palace of Buda; 3 extraordinary tourist attractions which are truly monumental memories to cherish. 

3) Monaco, France

Surprisingly, Monaco is a city, despite its unique size of 2.02km2. However, it is the home to some breathtaking attractions, including its Mediterranean beaches. Furthermore, top sights include the Palace, where the royal family lives, the Oceanographic Museum, the principality’s most popular museum, and the Casino in Monte Carlo. The nightlife is just as stunning, with a variety of local nightclubs, pubs and restaurants (which can be ludicrously expensive). As a result, Monaco is essentially a playground for tourists - small but full of things to do to keep you entertained.

4) Paris, France

This city is mostly known for its romantic atmosphere, the ‘city of love’ is what most people refer it as. Also the capital of France, the city consists of extraordinary architecture, fine dining and luxury shopping, with streets filled with designer shops such as Versace and Gucci. It’s cobbled streets and humble cafes will create a whole new world for you and your family/friends during your luxurious time away. In addition to this, Paris is also filled with exquisite gardens, boutiques, museums and art galleries to visit and tour, as well as the well-known Eiffel Tower. Whether it is by plane, train or a car, Paris is easy to reach from anywhere in Europe, so what more could you ask for? Get yourself to Paris. 

5) Prague, Czech Republic

Prague used to be ignored by the general tourist public, but has since thrived and is now one of the most popular luxury tourist destinations in Europe today. Best explored on foot, Prague is mostly known for its rich Jewish history, that is spread across the whole atmosphere of the city. Furthermore, the overall appearance of the city is stunning - with colourful, immaculate buildings that look like they belong in fantasy’s, it’s truly a gorgeous site to witness. Also recognised as the capital city of Czech Republic, it is the home to the Astronomical Clock (over 600-year-old clock, located at the old town hall) and the Charles Bridge, 2 must-see attractions during your luxury visit here. Speaking of luxury, the Jalta Boutique hotel is one of the most glamorous boutique hotels in the city, offering views of Wenceslas Square and the National Museum.  

6) Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia overall is an underrated destination to visit in Europe, as the sights are honestly something else! This particular location, however, is one of the worlds most magnificent walled cities that is regularly visited by many well-known celebrities such as Jay-Z, Beyonce and Richard Gere etc. Due to the UNESCO sites, this city is an ideal location for those culture-junkies. Additionally, there are several memorable things to do on your luxury time away, for instance; having a birds-eye view of the walled city in a cable car, dancing to their summer concerts, or hopping islands via boats on the clear blue water. This destination ticks the boxes for a luxury time away, in terms of accommodation, privacy and activities.  

7) Barcelona, Spain

As well as its endless, scorching weather, Barcelona is a beautiful city to visit for a luxury holiday away - with its sky-reaching buildings setting gorgeous landscape scenes at both night time and daytime. Barcelona is the capital of modernism and architecture, as you can find historic monuments and buildings on every street of the city including galleries and museums you can visit. End your night nicely by dining at one of Barcelona’s many exquisite restaurants before watching the sunset at one of the 7 relaxing beaches.  

8) London, England (United Kingdom)

This cosmopolitan city is immersed in history and business - it’s an amazing day, weekend or a couple of weeks away! Go on a shopping spree down Oxford Street in all the designer stores then spend the night in any of the traditional luxury hotels London has to offer. Essentially, no visit to this city is complete without going to see the Tower Bridge, Big Ben or Buckingham Palace! The range of restaurants, theatres, sports, art and entertainment is astounding in this location, it’s an ideal getaway if you want lots to do. London is somewhere you have to be.

9) Amsterdam, Netherlands

This city is a great destination to travel to in Europe, mainly because of its incredibly unique personality - The paths, roads, bridges are small enough to walk and cycle wherever you want, all surrounded by narrow and small buildings, of course. Canals flow through the middle of the streets beautifully. You can have an educational visit to top-rank art museums, theatres and galleries, including the Anne Frank museum, which is a tour you shouldn’t miss out on. Amsterdam is overall amazing, whether it is Summer or Winter, Spring or Autumn, the city has that constant allure that gets you coming back for more of that relaxing, luxurious time away. There are plenty of 5-star hotels and restaurants you can experience.  

10) Milan, Italy

Not only is this city Italy’s fashion & design capital, but it is also home to the famous Milan Cathedral, a colossal yet outstanding building located in the heart of the destination. As well as the immersing fashion and history throughout the city, there are unique, vibrant food and drink and designer stores (with plenty to buy) available to visit and shop at. Perfect for lovers of luxury, be sure to visit the Armani Silos, Giorgio Armani’s exhibition and fashion museum for a guaranteed luxury tour. In addition to this, all things from accommodation, tourist attractions, dining and the city’s overall appearance are what adds Milan to this list. 

Thank you for reading.