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At Signature Homes, we work in the high-end property market, so our speciality is luxury and lifestyle and you probably will have seen our gorgeous property listings (ADD LINK). But what about those jaw-dropping properties that are extremely amazing yet also incredibly costly? Well, inspired by Homes Of The Rich, just for fun, we have put together a list of 10 luxury homes in England,  including links with imagery, just for the jealousy and entertainment. Enjoy!

Camp End Manor, Surrey

This newly-built, gated entrance property in Surrey has 7 bedrooms, more than 10 bathrooms, a built-in swimming pool and gym, and so many more luxurious features, inside and out! With over 15,000 square footage, this huge property is listed for £20,000,000. Wow.

Penthouse, London  

This exquisite 3,065 square foot penthouse in London consists of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and even your very own private rooftop with a hot tub. The open living space is listed for £10,000,000. The incredibly gorgeous design and layout define the word “luxury” all in those four walls.

10-Bedroom Mansion, Surrey  

Located in high-end Surrey, this absolutely extraordinary home contains 10 bedrooms, a 10-car garage, 16 bathrooms, and an indoor swimming pool with a spa and even a gym! With a square footage over 10,000, this magnificent family home has outstanding personality throughout, and should definitely be noticed as a “luxury home”.

Brick Home, Hertfordshire 

With 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, gym, cinema room and a pool, this 3-storey brick home in Hertfordshire was simply created in someone’s dreams. With complimenting balconies and terraces, this 9,300+ square foot property offers luxurious features, containing all of the essentials you need within your home added with essences of luxury and expense. Dream home or what?

Newly-Built Mansion, Surrey  

This newly-built mansion in Surrey is iconic for its bespoke architecture, and with 6 bedrooms 6 reception rooms and 6 bathrooms, there’s enough room for everyone. Not only is this land surrounded by a golf course and lawn tennis club, but it is also exclusively gated and located in a private estate, so safety is not an issue.

Historic Brick Mansion, London 

With over 11,000 square feet and an asking price of £36,000,000, it’s very safe to say this brick mansion in London is in the ‘Luxury and Lifestyle’ category. Boasting 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a media room with wet bar, game room, wine cellar and even a rooftop terrace, this mansion house is immersed with prestige design and styles and the images are definitely enough to make you jealous of the lucky homeowners.

14,000 Square Foot Mansion, Surrey  

If you are satisfied with modern homes combined with a traditional, country style, this property is probably your dream home. This 14,000 square foot mansion succeeds in providing modern facilities and accommodation all within a stunning country structure. With 8 bedrooms, 8+ bathrooms, a library, gym, motor court and magnificent surrounding gardens, this property is fully protected by a gated private estate, including top-level security cameras and teams. Amazing!

Home, London

With London being the capital of England, there are bound to be gorgeous high-end properties on sale all the time! Well, this 5-storey home in London is an absolute stunner! And is perfect for anyone who enjoys low-key exterior with a wild interior. Furthermore, as you can see (click the link) in the photos, the outside of the property is a basic, tall home, and with no thought as to what’s inside, you immediately would consider it as a basic townhouse. However, at a listing of £19.5 million, you are offered with 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, an elevator, swimming pool, gym and spa! It’s an absolute jaw-dropping property and it is definitely worth the list.

Double-Staircase Brick Mansion, London 

This 7 bedroom family detached home, built to just under 9,000 square feet is a spacious, and incredibly magnificently traditional property, presented in excepted condition. With 4 reception rooms, 6 bathrooms and a patio with stunning views, the house offers private landscaped gardens and a modern, immaculate style inside. This is definitely making the list.

Stately Brick Mansion, Surrey 

And last, but certainly not least, is this widely beautiful brick mansion in Surrey (yes, another one in Surrey, it’s a very luxurious location). Consisting of 6 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, spa, games room, gymnasium and even a ballroom, this property is an imposing luxury home located in one of England’s most prestigious private estates - so security is not an issue. With a home as gorgeous as this, I thought we might end this article with a bang, and that is with this unsurpassable country estate to really make those jaws drop.

Thank you for reading.